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Neil Donaldson, also known as Logik, a visionary leader founder of Stolen From Africa, is recognized for his extensive contributions as a father, digital media creator, artist, and community leader. His work with Stolen from Africa, a nationally incorporated, nonprofit arts education organization based in Toronto that promotes cultural and historical awareness of the African Diaspora reflects his commitment to empowering youth through the intersections of hip-hop culture, African diaspora heritage, and mentorship.
With over fifteen years of experience, Donaldson has been pivotal in promoting empathy, mindfulness, and tangible change in community empowerment.

His role as the community engagement partner with the TTC for their Black History Month initiatives further highlights his dedication to cultural exploration and self-awareness.

Donaldson's creative leadership as the director of Stolen From Africa since 2004 has been instrumental in shaping the organization's outreach and educational impact.

His involvement with various initiatives, including Stolen From Africa Media and Reason with Logik, showcases his multifaceted skills in cinematography, documentation, and content creation.
Donaldson's commitment to youth development is further evidenced by his work with the Agincourt Community Services Association, Toronto District School Board and the Centre of Excellence for Black Students.

His educational background from the University of Toronto and certifications in areas like Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations underscore his comprehensive approach to community and youth development.

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